Product Overview

FireView provides a unique all-in-one solution for reliable testing of both smoke and heat fire detectors.
To negate the risk of using ladders and scaffolding, the FiewView Detector Test Kit has been designed to aid technicians from floor level during the service and maintenance of fire detection systems.
FireView can also be used during the system commissioning process to ensure the detection operates to the correct parameters and system design.
FireView contains an affordable and sustainable smoke generation system which eliminates the need for additional spray purchases. FireView offers full prevention to the deterioration of the detector sensitivity while negating residue build up within the smoke detector. The fan attached to the head of the inspection pole removes any residual smoke remaining inside the detector speeding up the testing process.
The handheld controller incorporates an LED display panel providing alarm activation time, temperature and battery status.

Product Specification

Test Capacity

200 Heat detectors per charge

300 Smoke detectors per 10mL fill (approx. 3000 per 100mL bottle)

Head Dimensions150mm 
Inspection(length) 1.2m to 2.3m
WeightPole: 1.6kg Controller: 0.6kg
Charging TimeFull Charge 5 Hours
ChargerInput: 100-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 0.5A