Product Overview

The ZoneSense PLUS AR (Agent Release) Panel is a dedicated panel for agent release systems. Housed in a metal cabinet, the ZoneSense PLUS AR is available in either four (4) or eight (8) zones. Based on a ZoneSense PLUS Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), the AR version is fitted with an Agent Release Panel Add-on (control card and termination board) and a dual action yel- low manual call point as standard. The Agent Release panel add-on option is factory set.

Product Specification

Detection ZonesFour (4) or Eight (8) Monitored Inputs
Detectors per Zone Circuit40 (max)
Monitored Outputs

4 x rated 500mA @ 27V dc for Ext Bell, Warning System, ACF, ASE, 1st Stage and 2nd Stage

Relay Outputs

4 x VFCO rated 1A @ 30V dc for Common Fire, Common Fault, 1st Stage, 2nd Stage and Gas Fired

Agent Release Monitored OutputsMain and Reserve
Monitored InputsPressure Switch, Low Pressure and Interlock
Local Control Station8 (max)

Power Supply

2A (max)

Battery Space

Space for 2 x 12volt 12Ahr (no additional Add-ons fitted)

Dimensions500mm H x 405mm W x 145mm D


Agent Release Local Control Station