Product Overview

Combustible materials such as coal being transported on conveyor systems have the potential to self-ignite. Early warning protection along a conveyor susceptible to conditions of excessive heat can avoid catastrophic fire damage and substantial consequential losses. The early warning infrared transit heat sensor is designed to monitor and detect, in the presence of ambient light, hot spots' and embers from materials such as coal, biomass or recycled waste being transported on conveyor systems. The Infra-Red Transit Heat Sensor can trigger at temperatures as low as 100C, when monitoring materials being transported on conveyor systems, before they have reached the ember or flame condition. Its unique dual detector enhanced Infra-red monitoring has been created to detect black heat. Black body emissions occur for all material, the sensor is designed to detect a change in these emissions even at relatively low temperatures, when the material moves through its field of view. The Infra-Red Transit Heat Sensor is specifically designed for hazardous areas and is IECEx / ATEX approved for Zones 1, 2 & 21, 22. Air purging from a compressed air feed is used to maintain a lens cleaning system that ensures the prevention of dust settling on the sensor window.

Product Specification

Supply Voltage

Relay Mode

Low Power Mode

20 - 30V dc

13 - 30 V dc

MaterialAluminium Alloy LM25
Operating Temperature-20C to +60C
IP RatingIP66
Alarm/Trip Contact2 Pole VFCO 
Fault1 Pole VFCO

Purge Air

Input Fitting


Typical Delivery

10mm air hose adapter

2.5 psi to 10 psi

30 litres/min